cute boyWFPICCS believes that only by improving the standard of intensive and critical care around the world can we improve the outcome of children suffering from life threatening illnesses and injuries. Thus, we have been trying to build an international network that would further research on how to improve the care of critically ill children throughout the world and make that knowledge available to those who care for the children.

However, to make this possible, we need YOUR HELP!

 YOUR CONTRIBUTION will enable us to

  • Organize its World Congress of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care where pediatric scientists, doctors, and nurses can come together and share knowledge.
  • Host forums for discussion on how new research findings can be adapted and implemented to provide options for practitioners in a range of settings around the world
  • Organize BASIC course to enhance the skills and professional knowledge of doctors and nurses working in pediatric intensive care.
  • Develop online innovative materials so that doctors and nurses in pediatric critical care as well as parents can have access to education from anywhere
There is still much to be done !

Donate today for saving tomorrow’s children!


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