Children and Families

WFPICCS supports a patient and family centred philosophy of care where patients and their families are treated as partners in the provision of health care. In the paediatric setting this means that parents and families play a central role in their child’s healthcare management, care is planned around the whole family not just the individual child, and all the family members are recognized as care recipients.

Therefore, WFPICCS hopes that with parents with critically ill children will find useful information and guides in

Parent Resources

Doctors and Nurses

The mission of the Federation is exclusively educational, scientific and charitable in nature. WFPICCS exists to disseminate and make available the high standards of Pediatric Intensive & Critical Care to all children of the world. Therefore, with

Documents & Video Library

WFPICCS wants to 

  • Promote education programmes and the dissemination of scientific information relevant to the specialty.
  • Recommend desirable standards and guidelines for the training of Pediatric Intensive (and Critical Care) practitioners.