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Educational materials


Clinical practice parameters for hemodynamic support of pediatric and neonatal septic shock: 2007 update from the American College of Critical Care Medicine*
Recommendations For Sepsis Management in Resource Poor Settings
Guidelines part 1: Management of Hemodynamic Support
Management of Septic Schock
DynamicLung Function and Monitoring – RIMENSBERGER, Switzerland
Ventilatory Imaging – ARNOLD, USA
HIV and Respiratory Problems – ARGENT, South Africa
Thyroid Dysfunction – HAAS, Germany
Respiratory problems with Severe Malaria – MAITLAND, Kenya
Peri-Operative Brain Monitoring – HOFFMAN, USA
Dengue – RANJI, India

Trackline Pulmonar

Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure – SUN, China
Cells and Maturation of the Lung – POST, CANADA
Essentials of Airway Physiology – HUTCHISON, USA
Neonatal Ventilation – BERGER, Switzerland
New Ventilatory Modes – RIMENSBERGER, Switzerland
Study on Mechanical Ventilation – JOUVET, Canada
Ventilation Bundle – FARIAS, Aagentina
DynamicLung Function and Monitoring – RIMENSBERGER, Switzerland
HIV and Respiratory Problems – ARGENT, South Africa
Ventilatory Imaging – ARNOLD, USA
Dengue – RANJI, India
Peri-Operative Brain Monitoring – HOFFMAN, USA
Thyroid Dysfunction – HAAS, Germany
Respiratory problems with Severe Malaria – MAITLAND, Kenya

Trackline Cardiovascular

Cardiac IC on a Shoestring Budget – CASSALETT, Colombia
International Cardiac Surgical Programs – ANDERSON, UK
Polymorphisms that Modulate Cardiovascular Injury – ALLEN, USA
Rhythm and Conduction Disorders – DA CRUZ, Switzerland
Diagnosis and Assesment – CASSALETT, Colombia

Trackline Metabolic & Endocrinology

Acute Liver Failure Epidemiology – SCHNITZLER, Argentina
Acute Renal Failure in NICU – MCCULLOCH, South Africa
Cellular Bionergetic Pathways – LEVERVE, France
Endocrine Changes in Critical Illness – HAAS, Germany
Extra-corporeal Techniques in Sepsis – MCMASTER, UK
Glucose Metabolism in Sepsis – THOMPSON, USA
Hydrocortisone in Sepsis – TROSTER, Brazil
Liver and Kidney – FORTENBERRY, USA
Liver and Lung – DEBRAY, France
Nutrition in the Critically-Ill Child – BRIASSOULIS, Greece
Oxygen Utilisation in Sepsis – LEVERVE, France
Tight Glucose Control in Sepsis – GARCIA, Brazil

Trackline Organization and Emergency

Acute Care in Mass Casualty – CHULA, SriLanka
Bacterial Meningitis – SINGHI, India
Cardiac Arrest – NADKARNI, USA
Delivery of Acute Care – China – SUN, China
Delivery of Acute Care – Latin America – CAMPOS, Ecuador
Delivery of Acute Care – Reality vs Visions – DUKE, Australia
Does more care equate to better outcomes – FEY, Switzerland
Optimal Organization for Clinical Research – SUN, China
Transport-related Issus – HENNING, Australia

Trackline Nursing Care

Comfort Scale and Stress in the Preterm Infant – WIELENGA, Netherlands
New approaches in noninvasive ventilation – LYNCH, UK
Non-pharmacological Pain Management in PICU – HARTH, Germany
Evidence-based Nursing Care – DANSCHUTTER, Belgium
Pain Assessment – RAMELET, Australia
Physiology of Pain in the neonate and Child – TIBBOEL, Netherlands
Weaning Strategies – MARTENS, Belgium
Extracorporeal Support – GAUDREAULT, Canada
Pain Assessment – RAMELET, Australia

Trackline Nursing Innovation

Safety of Patient and Staff – TIBBOEL, Netherlands
Role development in Pediatric Critical Care Nurs – FRANCA, Portugal
Prevention of Medication Errors – NGUK LANG, Singapore
Post-Graduate Pathways – KINNEY, Australia
Paediatric Early Warning Assessment tool – HAINES, UK
Nurse Practitioners in the PICU and NICU – MADDEN, USA
How To Evaluate Quality Of Research – KUGUOGLU, Turkey
Global needs in Clinical Nursing Practice – LYNCH, Singapore
Ensuring the Global Nursing Workforce – NGUK LAN, Singapore
Developing Evidence-Based Guidelines – RAMELET, Australia
Defining Quality Indicators – MOLONEY, USA
Challenges in Setting Multicenter Study – CURLEY, USA
At the end – Copnell, Australia