In line with WFPICCS’ mission and objectives, we are pleased to promote approved PICC surveys and studies on our website, providing a place for PICU health professionals to learn about new initiatives with an opportunity to participate.



All surveys are approved by the WFPICCS Board before they are promoted.  If you have a survey and study which you would like to have promoted on WFPICCS’ website please contact us on


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1.  PINS 2018 – a prospective, multi-center cohort study of nutritional practices and outcomes in pediatric intensive care units around the world

Invitation to participate in the upcoming 3rd international study of nutritional practices in Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs).  The 3rd international study will aim to verify the important findings from the two prior studies with updated methods and a more focused approach. Participation in the study will provide many opportunities for participating PICUs: a) a detailed benchmarking site report comparing nutrition practices with other PICUs across the world; b) examine focused research questions and exploration of subgroup populations; c) develop a picu-specific Nutritional risk score that predicts nutritional decline as well as hospital and PICU length of stay. Finally, selected sites will have the opportunity to participate in a novel ‘embedded’ pragmatic trial of protein supplementation.

For the full invitation letter and site requirements please see here

The start date for this third international study is January 10, 2018.


2. PARK-PICU (Prevalence of Acute Rehab for Kids in the PICU)

PARK_PICU is a point prevalence study to characterize the prevalence and characteristics of mobility as part of routine clinical care for critically ill children internationally.

PARK-PICU aims to determine the prevalence, demographic and treatment-related barriers to formal involvement of physical and occupational therapists (PT/OT) in PICU patients’ care and identify factors associated with mobility progression. The results of the study will inform interventional trials to test the effect of early mobilization interventions on short and long-term outcomes in children undergoing active neurocognitive development.

PARK-PICU is being conducted initially in North America, and is being adapted internationally. 77 US sites are currently signed on, and site initiation is actively ongoing in Canada, Europe and Brazil.

Please complete the expression of interest form if your site is interested in participating with city and country information and a member of the relevant study team will reach out to you!   Thank you.



1. To identify current practice concerning parental nutrition in critically ill children worldwide (survey for physicians)

The Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam in the Netherlands has set up an online survey, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Through this online survey we would like to investigate the current practice concerning parenteral nutrition in critically ill children worldwide and we are also interested in your doubts and reasons for administering parenteral nutrition during the first week.

Since this 10 minute questionnaire is mostly about nutritional protocols on PICU’s, we would strongly advise only physicians working in the PICU to participate.

The questions are available in English, Spanish and French. Your responses are confidential.




Deadline:  16 October, 2017


2. Fluid Management Practice after Surgery for Heart Disease Survey

Pediatric intensive care units (PICU) and pediatric cardiac intensive care units (PCICU) around the world use intravenous fluids routinely, but there are few studies looking at how fluids are used or what fluids are used in pediatric critical care.  In pediatric critical care there are, however, currently no guidelines on the amount of fluid to use nor on the choice of fluid, whether it is for maintenance fluid therapy or for resuscitation. More specifically in the setting of the postoperative treatment of children who have surgical repair of heart disease there is an absence in evidence for fluid management. There is currently also no documentation on which strategies are being used in pediatric cardiac intensive care units around the world.

With this survey we want to document common practice in fluid management in the setting of the postoperative treatment of children following surgical repair of heart disease. We hypothesize that there is variability in the fluid management in PCICU’s around the world. This may reflect a lack of evidence, lack of availability or economic pressures.

Access the survey here 

Deadline: Wednesday, 31 July, 2017


3. WFPICCS ‘Global Health Initiative’ Survey 

This survey is for all PICU health professionals not just those involved in global health.

This is a unique opportunity to provide YOUR thoughts on what future partnerships between colleagues from different resource settings could look like.   Speak up and have your say!  Thank you.

Deadline: Sunday, 30 April, 2017


4. PICU Rehabilitation Practices and Outcomes Survey

As you know, morbidity in PICU survivors is a critically important topic for patients and families. Please take a few minutes of your day to contribute to an investigator-incentivized e-survey (research funded by PCORI) designed to learn about current opinions and approaches to rehabilitation and outcomes assessment in the PICU. Thank you.

Deadline: Sunday, 30 April, 2017